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Welcome Traveller

Looks like the page you want to see is not available any more - or never has been.

Just click on the logo in the title and visit our main page.

Additionally we have some other interesting links available for you:

Visit the page of Act-Act-Act where you get some stuff about moving forward and especially about doing a Psychology Exam.

Another option is to visit the Russwurm Page, mainly a personal blog about technology and related topics.

One is my German-Austrian dictionary. Improve your austrian language abilities at Ostarrichi or Österreichisch. Not to forget the page about Bairisch.

Then there are pages about Sinhala and Ceylon (but pretty old already).

Another cool project for testing some stuff is about getting really, REALLY resilient against pretty much anything - Ur-Immun against Anything

And there should be some kind of project done in Colombia as well, so we are doing some bookkeeping promotion over there at Cuenta Conmigo

Mainly I am working for/with/at ISNED.

Ranking pages in search engines, mainly Google, can be done with my Page about SEO with a SEO Tutorial. You can test your webpage immediately with the Testtool for Webpages.

And there is a very interesting new company called Technikwerker in Dorfen going to deliver cool stuff.

I am also doing some stuff for the Atlas Body Center and embedded labs. Have a look at them.

Great horror movie from Diego where I had a look being the executive producer "Desomorfina".

And really finally a strange project for Lohinuma. Maybe you figure out yourself what it is about ;)