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Online Timer and Stopwatch

This easy and straight forward stop watch can be used to simplify tracking your time and have a stopwatch available without any installation, software or app you need. Just use this webpage and you have your stopwatch in place.

This page was mainly developed for learning and everything should be accessible as easy as possible. Therefore there is no need to download something or install any software - just access the page and use it. If you want to use it in the background on Android, add the webpage to your home screen.

This timer is especially useful to learn with the Pomodoro method, like recommended for the Psychology Test in Austria.

How to use the stopwatch timer

Start: The timer starts, as soon as you click on Start and the countdown starts.

Pause: While running it is possible to pause the timer by clicking on Pause and the countdown waits until you click on Run.

End: Stopping the timer is simply done by clicking on Stop.

Fullpage: By clicking on you can switch into fullscreen mode.

Switch between Alarm and Timer

Time = 0 min: If you enter a time of 0 minutes the tools acts as a timer. Therefore it counts the time upwards as long as you let it run.

Time = x min: If you enter a time larger than 0 minutes the tool acts as an alarm. Therefore it counts down from the time you specified.

Title of the timer

The title of the browser window contains the current time as well, therefore you can even run the timer in the background and just view the up-to-date time in the task bar.